Unmistakable Signs Your Car Battery Is Failing – Save It!

February 9th, 2022 by

Unmistakable Signs Your Car Battery Is Failing - Save It!

Your car isn’t going anywhere without its battery. The battery is the lifeblood of the vehicle. It provides the power that starts the engine and allows you to drive around town. So what do you do if you think your battery might be failing?

Let Eastern Shore Hyundai walk you through the unmistakable signs of a battery failure. We know because we have been dealing with cars for years! With us, your car’s battery is in good hands. Don’t worry!

Your Battery is Asking for Help: Signs of a Battery Failure

If you see any signs of battery failure, don’t ignore them. Your car battery is trying to tell you something important. If your vehicle’s battery fails at the wrong time, it could leave you stranded! And that’s not fun! Just take note and be aware of these signs:

Slow Engine Crank:

If it takes more than one second or two for your engine to start, then there might be an issue with your car’s battery. It can also indicate problems with other components in the starting system, such as a bad starter or alternator. But usually, it means battery trouble.

Check Engine Light Comes On:

Not only does this signal an issue, but if ignored will cause further damage to your vehicle, sometimes irreparable damage. If your battery is getting weak, the light will come on as a warning that something is wrong with your vehicle’s charging system.

Battery Leakage – It’s Time to Run for Help!

The minute you identify this symptom, pay attention! Acid leakage from batteries can cause irreversible damage to other electrical components under the hood of your car, not to mention destroying the battery itself! You need help ASAP when dealing with acid leakage! It’s hazardous stuff!!

The Car Won’t Start:

This symptom should be pretty self-explanatory but just in case: a weak or dead battery will keep your car from starting no matter how many times you turn the key. You should check if the headlights are dim or not, indicating a weak battery. This is also why you want to check your car’s charge level in cold weather as it will drop quicker than usual!

Symptoms of a failing car battery are not always easy to spot, so it’s important to know what to look for before it’s too late. Keep an eye out for these signs, as they could mean disaster for your vehicle if neglected. Causes of a failing battery can range from age, to simple wear and tear, to leaving the headlights on overnight, or just using too many electronics at one time.


There are many signs that will tell you that something is wrong with your car’s battery. If you have any doubts, drive your car down to Eastern Shore Hyundai, serving Creola, AL. We are sure to become your favorite car dealer with our specials and service options.

With us, it’s going to be a smooth ride right from the start because you can easily schedule your service online! No hassles!