Value Your Trade

Due to the high demand for YOUR vehicle at the auction and around the state, we can help you get out of your negative equity situation with an INSTANT CASH OFFER TODAY!

If you’ve been told NO before, it can be a YES now!

You Can Easily Sell or Trade-In Your Vehicle at Eastern Shore Hyundai

When you’ve decided that it’s time to get a new vehicle, you’re going to have to figure out what you want to do with your current car. For some drivers, the best course of action is to actually trade their current vehicle in, as this can help them secure a heftier down payment, or shop for more luxurious trims. Even if you drive an older model, you might be able to get a significant amount for your vehicle. For a quick estimate of your car’s value, you can use this calculator, or you can visit us at Eastern Shore Hyundai.

The Benefits of a Trade

We understand that you might feel attached to your car. Before you make any major decisions, you should know about the benefits that come with a trade.

  • Explore More Options on Our Lot: Everyone has a price range, but trading in your vehicle gives you a simple way to expand your budget. Depending on how much your vehicle is worth, you might be able to consider new trims, or even new models altogether.
  • Cut Down on Your Car Note: Some drivers don’t realize that they can trade their vehicle in until much later. If you’ve already picked a vehicle out, and you know that this is the Hyundai model that you want, then you may still want to look into what a trade can do for you. Depending on the value of your model, you might be able to add a significant amount of money to your down payment. This should reduce your car note, which can take a lot of stress off of your shoulders.

Selling Private vs. Eastern Shore Hyundai

You may be considering the private market, but our dealership has a few key advantages.

  • The Speed: There’s no telling how long your vehicle could be sitting on the market. While you’re waiting for a buyer to bite, it’s important to note that you’ll also be responsible for all the advertising, negotiating, and more. At Eastern Shore Hyundai, you can get an offer quickly.
  • The Reliability: When you’re selling privately, you might run into hagglers, scammers, and more. If you bring your vehicle to us at Eastern Shore Hyundai, you can expect a reliable and firm offer.
  • The Ease: There’s a lot of work that goes into selling your vehicle privately, and eventually, you’re going to have to meet with countless strangers. You might also have to figure out transportation in the meantime. At our dealership, you can immediately start looking for something new.

Take The Next Step Forward

Once you trade your vehicle in, you might want to look at your options for your next model. If you live near Mobile or Fairhope, you can visit us at Eastern Shore Hyundai today so that you can browse our inventory.

  • Brand-New Hyundai Models: When you need a brand that you can rely on, you’ll find that Hyundai is a great choice. Whether you’re looking at economical models like the IONIQ 5 or standout SUVs like the SANTA CRUZ, you’ll find that the Hyundai brand is sure to have something that suits your family’s needs.
  • Our Used Inventory: If Hyundai isn’t the brand for you, then you may want to look at our used inventory. This inventory could include everything from Dodge cars to RAM trucks, as it rotates frequently.

When you’re ready to get an offer for your vehicle, you can visit us at Eastern Shore Hyundai.