3 Symptoms That Indicate Your Car Has A Faulty Radiator

July 20th, 2022 by

3 Symptoms That Indicate Your Car Has A Faulty Radiator


If your engine is overheating, the problem might be with the radiator. A faulty car radiator can cause much damage to your vehicle and be expensive to fix. Your car’s radiator is critical to its cooling system. If it becomes damaged or clogged, your vehicle may overheat.


Eastern Shore Hyundai will discuss a few symptoms that indicate you need a new radiator. Keep reading for more information.


How Does A Radiator Work?

A radiator is an integral part of your car’s cooling system. It helps dissipate heat from the engine and keeps it running at a consistent temperature. The radiator contains coolant, which circulates through the engine and absorbs heat. The coolant then runs back into the radiator, cooled by air flowing over the radiator’s fins.


If the radiator is not working correctly, the engine will start overheating. It can damage various parts of the machine and can even lead to a total breakdown. That’s why it’s essential to be aware of the symptoms of a bad radiator, so you can take action quickly if necessary.


Here are a few signs of a bad radiator:


1. Frequent Overheating Problem

One symptom of a faulty car radiator is if your car’s engine is frequently overheating. If you see that the temperature gauge in your car is climbing higher than usual, or if the vehicle is smoking out from under the hood, these could be signs that your radiator needs to be replaced.


If you see smoke billowing out from under the hood, pull over immediately and turn off the engine. Don’t try to remove the radiator cap yourself, as it could be boiling. At this point, there is no redeeming the radiator & the engine because both are compromised.


2. Leaking Coolant

Another symptom of a faulty car radiator is leaking coolant. If you notice coolant spills on the ground where you park your car, or our coolant level is low, this could signify a radiator leak.


Of course, that will eventually lead to an engine overheating to the point of irreversible damage unless a trip to the car mechanic is arranged.


3. Rough Idling

A faulty car radiator can also inadvertently result in rough idling & possible stalling. If smoke under the hood coincides with a rough idle & the temperature gauge shoots up, then your car’s radiator is at the end of the line along with the integrity of the engine.


If you notice these symptoms, taking your car in for a checkup as soon as possible is essential. A faulty radiator can damage your engine if it isn’t fixed, so it’s best not to wait if you think there might be a problem.


Ending Note

At Eastern Shore Hyundai, serving Bay Minette, AL, we want to help you keep your car running smoothly. Please schedule your appointment with our service department today and let us take a look at your radiator.


We’ll make sure it’s in good condition and advise you on what needs to be done if it isn’t. Thanks for reading. Until next time, happy driving!