4 Smart Tricks to Keep Your Car Windows From Fogging Up

June 14th, 2022 by

4 Smart Tricks to Keep Your Car Windows From Fogging Up


Automobiles are a truly necessary part of life for most people. Even those who try to live a minimalist lifestyle usually own at least one car. And while cars can be much fun, they also require maintenance and upkeep. One common issue that many car owners face is foggy windows.


This can make it difficult to see out of your car and be a safety hazard. Fortunately, there are some gimmicks you can use to keep your car windows from fogging up. Keep reading this post by Eastern Shore Hyundai to learn more!


Car Window Fog Up: Why It Happens?

There are a few reasons why your car windows might fog up. The most common reason is that the temperature inside your car is different from the temperature outside. Water vapor can condense on your windows when there’s a big temperature difference and create that foggy effect.


Another reason your car windows might fog up is the humidity level inside your car. If you live in a region with high humidity, it’s more likely that your car windows will fog up. This is because water vapor can condense more easily when the air is saturated with water molecules.


Finally, another reason for window fogging can be your car’s ventilation system. If you have the AC or heater on full blast, that can also cause the windows to fog. This is because the AC or heater pulls in outside air and blows it into the car. And if that outside air is already humid or cold, it can cause the windows to fog.


Here’s How To Fix It!

Fortunately, you can do a few things to prevent your car windows from fogging up.


1. Adjust The AC Or Heater

If your car’s AC or heater is on full blast, that can cause the windows to fog. So, instead of having the AC or heater on full blast, try turning it down to a lower setting. This will help in stopping the windows from fogging up.


2. Use The Defroster

Most cars come with a built-in defroster that helps clear up foggy windows. To use it, just turn on the defroster and wait a few minutes for the windows to clear.


3. Turn On The Recirculate Setting

Another way to prevent your ride’s windows from fogging up is to turn on the recirculate setting. This will circulate the car’s air and help prevent moisture from building up on the windows.


4. Use An Anti-Fog Spray

If you like to be extra prepared, you can use an anti-fog spray on your car windows. This will help prevent the car’s windows from fogging up and make it easier to see through the windshield.


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