Gearing Tactics: Picking Out The Right Transmission In Your Car

February 16th, 2022 by

Gearing Tactics: Picking Out The Right Transmission In Your Car

Getting your very first car is one heck of an achievement that is easily spoilt if you mess up your research & discover you can’t bluff your way into even an automatic motorhead convention with an expensive CVT. It’s not like you specifically need a transmission to get into groups, but everyone fulfills a specific purpose. Motorheads love manuals, automated manuals, & dual clutches!

Before we begin, if all you need is a budget buy, your best bet is an AMT-fitted hatchback, sedan, or SUV. A full-auto would be the icing on the cake too. These models are economical in the long run, and you get your money’s worth on the resale. Let’s hear it from Eastern Shore Hyundai; what transmission suits you just right?

Manual & AT

Okay, first, you have the original manual where your only complaint is the grinding gears if you can’t manage the clutch right. Otherwise, driving stick is the epitome of motorhead joys. both manual & auto transmission is the best if you need a range in fuel efficiency & high throttle, even though the manual ranks higher for both features.

In automatics, the best part is you have no gears to deal with, so no clutch or gear grinding mistakes. And they come tuned for fuel economy with all the best of a high-end budget car.


Now, what happens if you are looking for a more loaded option for your daily commute & recreational needs? Some folks like to transition between manual & automatic just to get that ‘revving’ sound much loved among motorists. That is where the AMT comes in, and it works like a clutch-less automatic, except no torque converter, but a computer is regulating the gear ratio. The automated manual is a powerful hauler for SUVs drivetrains and is used in heavy equipment.

The dual-clutch is a must-have if you need speed, acceleration & high fuel efficiency & it truly is an auto marvel among high-performance cars. But if you are going all out on luxury & drive quality, then the CVT is your best. It’s gearless, clutches, driven by a dual-pulley transmission, so you get infinite gear ratios.

But, CVTs have an odd droning despite their smooth pickup. They make for lovely drives! 

EVs & Hybrids

The electric transmission has a solid nada on gears. They come in single & dual speeds, instant power, and are just as straightforward as a toothpick. They are fashionable, but you reduce your effect on the environment. The fun part is EVs don’t have a geared transmission. Hybrids sound a bit cumbersome, but they have a hybrid drive working with the electric motor & the automatic transmission, so you get a synergy of sorts, plus fuel savings.

After reading all that, it sure is hard to decide, right?

There are good transmissions, then there are the amazing ones, and luckily, Eastern Shore Hyundai, serving Saraland, AL, seems to have a lot packed in-store. If you want to try a DCT, the 2022 Hyundai Veloster N is spot on. If you prefer a cleaner transmission, the 2022 Hyundai Kona Electric suits. And we have an AMT hybrid in our all-new 2022 Hyundai Elantra.

Call us for more details, check out our store, and prequalify. One of these transmissions will be very happy to have you!